Financial Aid Division

The New Mexico Higher Education Department, Financial Aid Division is dedicated to helping students in pursuing their educational goals by educating students, parents and the community about state aid opportunities. The Financial Aid Division provides over $100 million dollars each year in financial aid to students in New Mexico.  A variety of programs are offered to meet the needs of our state’s diverse population.

Financial Aid Division Goals

  • Inform students that college is attainable and affordable;
  • Provide students and their families with the consumer information needed to make informed decisions about financing an education;
  • Make information about our financial aid programs accessible to all who qualify;
  • Provide funding to pay for educational expenses for as many New Mexican students as possible;
  • Strive to keep the process of applying for state financial aid easy.
  • U.S. Citizen;
  • New Mexico Resident (12 consecutive months);
  • Licensed or Certified in the State of New Mexico;
  • Employed Full-Time (36 hours);
  • Currently Providing Clinical Care to Patients.

When To Apply

The HPLRP application opens every year on March 15th  and closes May 1st. Electronic applications must be completed in full and submitted online by 5:00PM on May 1, 2024. Applications with any documents or information missing will not be reviewed for funding.

Scoring Process

The New Mexico Health Advisory Committee reviews each individual application, assigning a score using a matrix in the following areas:

  • HPSA Score (Federal)
  • Service Area
  • Area Health Statistics Key Indicators (determined by the New Mexico Department of Health)
  • Population Served
  • Priority will be given to those applicants working in designated areas of greatest need. Decisions on funding are made on a case-by-case basis and all ranking is at the discretion of the New Mexico Health Advisory Committee.

The program is federal and state funded. Health Professionals practicing in federal Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) will be offered federal funding first and will receive the highest priority. Health Professionals eligible for state funding only will have the application reviewed by the Health Advisory Committee. The committee will use the approved scoring procedure to rank the applicants.


Payments are made on the quarterly basis to the loan servicer directly upon verification of employment for the quarter. 

If awarded the program, the applicant must commit to a three-year service obligation working within their current position, facility and county.


HPLRP is a serious commitment to the underserved citizens of New Mexico. Therefore, all participants are expected to complete their service obligation of 3-years. If a program participant does not comply with the terms of the participation agreement, the department shall assess a penalty of three times the amount of the award disbursed, plus eighteen percent (18%) interest.

New Mexico Higher Education Department Financial Aid Division